2-Day Workshop on Innovative Doctoral Training

idtThe technical university alliances CESAER, CLUSTER, EuroTech, IDEA League and Nordic Five Tech invite you to a 2-day Workshop on Innovative Doctoral Training at DTU in Lyngby, Denmark.The workshop is expected to draw about 100 participants, notably leaders of doctoral schools, PhD students, vice-rectors, deans, as well as administrative and academic staff engaged in doctoral education.

Key discussion points
The European Commission has defined seven principles of innovative doctoral training: research excellence, attractive institutional environment, quality assurance, interdisciplinary research options, transferable skills training, exposure to industry and other relevant employment sectors and international networking. In particular, the last four principles bear special importance for universities of science and technology across Europe.

 At the workshop and parallel sessions, we will focus on these key principles of Innovative Doctoral Training, while looking at particular challenges, expectations and opportunities and taking into account the conclusions and recommendations from the Discussion Paper “Innovative Doctoral Training at Universities of Science and Technology”.

Members of CESAER universities will present practical examples as introductions to each theme. There will be ample opportunity for active participation, discussion, peer learning, and networking.

Technical University of Denmark
Anker Engelunds Vej 1
Building 101A
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Participants will be charged a fee of 100,- EUR via credit card or bank transfer upon registration.

Please register before 23 June 2016. More detailed information and registration is available on www.dtu.dk/IDT

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