A Statement from the IDEA League regarding the European Universities Initiative

We believe that the exclusion of ETH Zürich has weakened our bid to become a European University
of Technology. The rules were not clear concerning Erasmus+ associated countries and we were
strongly advised against including a Swiss partner in any way. The European Universities initiative, in
this first pilot round, did not allow us to take advantage of the capacity of an excellent and
resourceful institution at the very doorstep of the EU. It seemed to us excessive and unnecessary not
to be able also involve ETH Zürich in any formal way, not even as an associated partner.
With our bid, we have not been able to benefit fully from our long term cooperation with ETH Zürich
and the experience that brings. This means also that the instruments and actions we suggest in the
bid are not as strong as they could have been. Fortunately, ETH Zürich has given the four eligible
partners of the IDEA League a lot of support and advice in preparing our bid.
We hope that in a second call some mechanism will be in place to link the European Universities
initiative to non-EU participants. We believe Europe will be made stronger by the interaction of
European Universities with other excellent universities in an open education and research space.


Link to the addressed Research Europe article: Research Europe Article RE493

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