Ageing and Sustainability (2012-2013)



The age of ageing is arriving! Soon, the world, and especially Europe, will go through a demographic transition towards ageing societies. Maintaining a balance between human welfare and economic stability will pose huge challenges. Research is essential to help societies meet these challenges. Thus, the IDEA League   partner universities designed a Doctoral Programme taking up the area of ageing as a collaborative, trans-disciplinary research project. This doctoral programme was the pilot for an envisioned Doctoral School. Financed by the IDEA League the programme offered places for 25 outstanding PhD students, who attended four core modules over two years.

Highlight of the Doctoral Programme was a study trip to Japan, a society at the fore front of the demographic transition towards people having fewer children and living longer. By 2050, the ration of working age (15-64) to elderly (over 64) will be 1.9 in Europe, 1.3 in Japan. The Doctoral Programme explored how Japan is engaged in linking sustainability and ageing in policies, technical innovations and research projects. Students reflected on Japan and identified the needs for  transition for Europe. Collaboration in research and joint publications are a long term goal.

This programme was conducted in 2012-2013

For more information, download the Programme Brochure

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