Arrival in Delft

Upon arrival in the Netherlands

Delft University of Technology has a number of meeting and greeting days to welcome Master’s students upon arrival at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The dates of these days will be given in the admission letter. On the meeting and greeting days, a TU Delft contact person will be at the airport to meet you and accompany you to Delft. We strongly advise you to bring enough cash to cover any immediate expenses such as the first month’s rent and the deposit for your accommodation. You will need approximately 1500 euro to cover such eventualities.

Travelling to Delft by yourself

If you have to travel to Delft by yourself, simply take the train from the station at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport to Delft central station. The officer at the ticket window can give you directions. It is a 1 hour ride from Schiphol to Delft. You can also visit, the website of the Dutch Railways company.

Please call TU Delft at telephone number: +31 15 2788012 before you take the train at Schiphol airport. If you arrive outside office hours 9:00–17:00, or during the weekend, we recommend you to take a hotel in Amsterdam or Delft and register at TU Delft the next day. An easy-to-find hotel in Delft is the Hotel Coen, Coenderstraat 47, phone +31 15 2145914. It is situated just behind the train station and has reasonable room rates.

Delft is also easily accessible by car by the A4 and A13 highways.

Upon arrival in Delft

Upon arrival in Delft, you will have to make several arrangements.

  1. Register at the International Office of the Delft University of Technology.
  2. Register at the town hall and with the aliens (foreigners) police in yourplace of residence. This registration is necessary in order to obtain a residence permit. The residence permit is valid for one year of occupation in Delft. You will also have to apply for residence permits in Zurich and Aachen. Details on how to register in these cities will be provided to you during your stay in Delft.
  3. Open a bank account.

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