Chemical Engineering Innovation Competition

Enhanced-Oil-Recovery-r1-1020x476International Innovation Competition
To celebrate the 125th anniversary of Technologisch Gezelschap, the study association for all chemical engineering studies in Delft, many activities are organized. One of these activities is the International Innovation Competition.

Team Work
In groups of two, master students Chemical Engineering will work on a challenging separation case from Shell about enhanced oil recovery! This competition is fit for chemical engineering master students, but is most certainly also open for multidisciplinary teams.

The aim of this competition is to give 25 couples the chance to work on a case for Shell and let them prove themselves towards the company and to themselves. After all, what is more satisfying than your idea being investigated and brought to reality by one of the largest companies in the world!

Practical Information & Prize Money
With help from a professional jury from Shell and Delft University of Technology all reports will be reviewed and graded. This grade is an official 3 ECTS elective course at Delft University of Technology and with some consultation from your own university can be transferred as an elective for your own program.

In September this competition starts with a kick-off weekend in Delft. Travelling expenses will be reimbursed and a meals and sleeping accommodations are included. The best couples will be invited for the grand finale in February to present their idea and have chance to win one of the three prices, the first price is a sum of €1250,-.

You can check the website for more information or subscriptions.

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