Empowering Imagination (Politecnico di Milano Summer School)

3-7 September, 2018

Imagination is a classical notion which distinguishes Western philosophy since its ancient genesis and keeps being fundamental in contemporary philosophical research. The notion of imagination means a specific sort of mental representation which is different from perceiving, remembering and believing. Imagining means modelling mental objects which exceedingly help us, firstly, understand ourselves and other human beings,
and secondly, project both our actions and the objects we are working on by providing us with a powerful guide in the realm of what may be possible, as a sort of bridge between the present and the future we aspire to.

The course aims at empowering imagination as one of the most promising tools we have at our disposal when we think of both how to act and interact and how to work on the objects we create in science, engineering, architecture and design. Thus, the course gives the PhD students some fundamental theoretical tools (in particular, on aesthetic imagination, moral imagination and scientific modelling) and especially the possibility of practicing imagination through exercises which aim at empowering their capacity of using it. For this purpose, a certified coach, with a strong background in education and research, mentors students for the whole week.

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