Ethics of New Bio-technologies (TU Delft Summer School)

27 – 31 August, 2018

New biotechnologies create new opportunities in many fields such as medicine, agriculture and industrial biotechnology. They also bring about uncertainty about risks, about how to assess and manage them. In addition, they raise moral uncertainty about what is acceptable or not, and why.

In this course, we explore implications and problems related to a variety of applications with new bio-technologies. We explore the main issues with red (medical), green (agricultural) and white (industrial) bio-technologies. Risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, risk perception, moral responsibility, design choices, sharing risks and benefits, and responsible research and innovation will be discussed. At the same time, we equip students with ethical reflection tools in the fields of responsible research and innovation and value sensitive design through interactive workshops. Finally, throughout the week, we aim to have the group create reflection pieces on new bio-technologies through any media they would like.

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