Examination and maximum duration


Explicit regulations and rules on the periods of practical training and examinations are provided in the General Programme Regulations. For most courses, written examinations will be given at the end of the respective teaching period. Oral examinations, continual assessments or written reports may be the most appropriate forms of evaluation for some courses.

Approximately 6 months after the beginning of their studies, students will receive advice as to whether or not they should continue their studies. Students who fail one or more examinations shall be given the chance to re-sit the failed examination(s) within a period of one year. Under normal circumstances, students will only have the opportunity to re-sit an examination twice.

Students need to have obtained at least 25 credit points from TUD after one academic year and 25 credit points from ETH before 1 October of the calendar year in which they study at ETH. Students who don’t obtain the necessary credit points from TUD and/or ETH in time are expelled from the Programme.

Maximum study duration

The maximum study duration of the Joint Masters programme is 4 years. In the Netherlands and Germany, a maximum study duration is legally not possible for a national Masters program. If a student from one of these countries requires more than 4 years to complete his/her Masters degree, then he/she will have the opportunity to move to a regular Dutch/German programme of Masters studies

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