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blog4Challenge Programme

Authors: IDEA League

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This programme is for excellent students interested in future leadership roles, both in the public and private sector and therefore interested in issues at the intersection of technology and society. To be more specific: leadership, politics, entrepreneurship, policy making.
Working at this intersection requires different mindsets – the analytical mindset of the engineer, but also and in addition: a high tolerance of ambiguity, inherent to human behavior. We will work with real world problems, not with toy problems — students will experience the complexity of these problems, will experience what the strengths and weaknesses are of their engineering mindset en skills end will learn and develop new skills. The programme is design-oriented: students should not only analyze problems, but should also design and present solutions. Since the programme is on real world problems, we will involve practitioners in our modules.
The extended weekends in the four cities will be like a pressure cooker: at the start students will be faced with a problem, within 3 days they should present both an analysis and a design of a solution. These weekends will also contribute to strengthening skills like working in groups, dealing with limited information, working under time pressure, cooperation.

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