Future Urban Mobility (RWTH Aachen Summer School)

17 – 21 September, 2018

Due to urbanization and globalization, the demand for economic transportation increases like never before. It is more important than ever to ensure a sustainable, comfortable and affordable mobility. Modern information technologies enable e.g. Car-to-X communication to improve the flow of traffic and establish intelligent transportation networks. Furthermore, new vehicle concepts with technologies like hybridization and electrification in combination with advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving contribute to the development of the future urban mobility.

The Mobility Summer School is an ideal platform to discuss current developments in transportation sector on a high academic level, bringing together master and PhD students from IDEA League universities across Europe as well as ASPIRE League universities from Asia. The Mobility Summer School covers innovative technologies, strategies and concepts making urban mobility safer, more economical and environmental friendly. Exemplary aspects addressed during the academic program are advanced driver assistance systems, connected and autonomous mobility as well as alternative and electrified powertrains. Academic and industrial experts give several lectures regarding these topics. Based on the provided input, Summer School attendees elaborate efficient and affordable mobility solutions as well as innovative business models within interdisciplinary group work.

An outstanding experience during the Mobility Summer School is the visit of a vehicle production line. During this excursion, the students have the chance to gather first-hand information from a worldwide leading manufacturer on developments and research activities in the commercial vehicle sector.

Beyond the professional approach, IDEA League Summer Schools also provide the possibility to connect with excellent students from various different countries becoming part of an enriching international and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. The 2018 Mobility Summer School was held by the Institute for Automotive Engineering (IKA) of RWTH Aachen University, Europe’s leading institute in automotive engineering. Starting from the idea to innovative concepts for components and systems up to vehicle prototypes IKA creates and designs the future vehicle. IKA’s divisions work in public-funded as well as bilateral projects for manufacturers and suppliers in automotive context.

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