Governing bodies

The IDEA League shares best practice at all levels. We continuously learn from each other, benchmark and share intelligence. The areas of cooperation include Education, Research and Innovation. Currently, the IDEA League has over twenty working groups ranging from strategic committees to ad-hoc groups dealing with short term issues.


The Heads’ Board is the decision-making body, which meets together with the Operational Board twice a year for a Joint Boards Meeting. Together they form the IDEA League’s board.
The Secretary General manages and coordinates the various activities of the League.

The target groups of the IDEA League are:
– Europe
– Alumni
– Researchers
– Students
– People with mandate

The Heads’ Board


The Heads’ Board comprises the heads of the five universities and their deputies. For 2016-2017, Stefan Bentsson, the Rector of Chalmers, serves as the President of the IDEA League


The Operations Board

JBM at Chalmers March 2015The members of the Operational Board advise the board members and coordinate policy implementations locally. The board consists of five members:
TU Delft – Barbara Marx
ETH Zürich – Dr. Christoph Niedermann
RWTH Aachen – Dr. Henriette Finsterbusch, Britt Krukau
Chalmers – Dr. Jörgen Sjöberg
Politecnico di Milano – Prof. Stefano Ronchi, Dora Longoni

The Secretary General

As stated above, the Secretary General of the IDEA League manages and coordinates the various activities of the League.
Presently, the Secretary General is Dr. J. Leslie Zachariah-Wolff of the TU Delft. IDEA League’s secretariat, known as the IDEA League Office, is based at the TU Delft in The Netherlands.

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