High-ranking civil servants and politicians with an degree in engineering in the Netherlands (2016)

newspaperHigh-ranking civil servants and politicians with an degree in engineering in the Netherlands
Publication date: July 2016

Authors: Dr. W.M. Dicke (Ex-secretary General of the IDEA League) & S.J.B.M Bastiaansen (IDEA League Research Assistant)

Click here to read the full publication (in Dutch) or read about the publication on ScienceGuide (in Dutch) and Dutch national newspaper AD (in Dutch).


The IDEA League’s joint activities in education, such as the Summer Schools and the Joint Master’s Applied Geophysics, might be the most visible part of the organisation, but behind the scenes the IDEA League office does a lot of research into issues related to universities of science and technology. While researching the amount of  high-ranking civil servants and politicians with an degree in engineering in the Netherlands, the IDEA League Office found that there were surprisingly few engineers involved in government. Only one in ten high-ranking civil servants has an engineering degree, while, at the same time, our society and its problems and solutions become more and more dependant on technology. The IDEA League office believes that involving more engineers in government could help create a better understanding of such problems and enrich the policy-making process. In this age of technology we, more than ever, need experienced and advised policy-makers with a strong background in engineering.


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