IDEA League and the CDIO Initiative

DSC_0521cropLast week, the IDEA League held its first meeting of the CDIO Steering Group. The CDIO (Conceiving — Designing — Implementing — Operating) Initiative is a worldwide educational framwork for producing the next generation of engineers. Next to the more visible educational tracks, such as the summer schools and the joint master’s programme, the IDEA League also works on creating an (informal) network between the academic and professional support staff of its member universities. This way, we can learn from each other’s best practices and improve education at each of the member universities.

The IDEA League would like to encourage all member universities to implement CDIO to close the growing gap between real-world demands and engineering education. This could be achieved by offering mutually supporting courses rich with interdisciplinary design projects and the integration of professional skills. Therefore, this steering group hopes to connect adacemic and professional support staff interested in implementing CDIO and therefore facilitate bottum-up innovation in our engineering education. The steering group consists of members of all four partner universities, incluiding Johan Malmqvist (Chalmers), co-founder and co-director of the CDIO Initiative, and Aldert Kamp (TU Delft), CDIO member at-large.

The IDEA League looks forward to collaborating on creating a better learning environment using CDIO-based education.

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