IDEALiStiC Conference at ETH Zürich

From May 31 to June 4, 2018, the IDEALiStiC conference in Zurich took place. Under the overall topic of student participation, representatives from Delft, Aachen, Milano and Zürich held several interactive workshops, presentations about ongoing projects, and interesting talks.

One of the most intensively discussed topic, was a joint degree within IDEALeague. The output of discussion will be presented at the board meeting of IDEALeague on June 19.

During the general assembly, IDEALiStiC decided to support AStA of RWTH Aachen concerning the new law of education in Nord-Rhein-Westfahlen and VSETH of ETH Zurich concerning the planned raise of tuition fees, which will be decided in July, 2018.

Markus Scheller (RWTH Aachen) terminated his mandate as PR-Manager of IDEALiStiC and handed his work over to Bibiana Prinoth (ETH Zürich). We thank him for his support and contribution.

Overall the IDEALiStiC conference in Zurich was a huge success and all the representatives are looking forward to the next one in Delft.

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