IDEALiStiC Conference at TU Delft

From November 29 to December 2 2018 the last IDEALiStiC Conference was held in Delft. The main topic of the conference was Bachelors within IDEA League, where students’ representatives from the different IDEA League universities contributed their thoughts and opinions within four interactive workshops.

During these workshops the focus laid on the current handling of universities with their bachelor degrees. The topics of the workshops included extracurricular activities, leadership and personal development, growth of the student body and dropouts. Every university contributed with their current situation and their ongoing projects and ideas concerning the topic. After each introduction round, case studies helped working out possible solutions for the upcoming problems.

One of the workshops focused itself on the example of TU Delft Dreamteams or D:DREAM, an extracurricular activity where highly motivated students form a working group, who are solely responsible for all tasks, from team management to the design and production of their inventions. In order to get an impression, two dreamteams of TU Delft presented their projects to all of the participants. After a tour to the actual dreamhall of TU Delft, a case study for finding the best possible team to compete in the so called LEGO League was carried out.

Further information can be found in the short report.

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