Introduction of the secretary general of the IDEALiStiC


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A short introduction of the new secretary general of the IDEALiStiC:

My name is Johannes Mehler and since beginning of July 2017 I am the Secretary General of the IDEALiStiC (IDEA League Student Council). Thus, my tasks are to coordinate all the activities of the council as well as being the main contact person. Giving us this new structure we aim for greater influence and to build permament contact points.

Myself I am studying Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen. Since my beginning of my studies in 2013 I am working for the student’s representative’s organisation for mechanical engineering counselling students and representing their interests in committees. From July 2016 onwards I was Head of Education and University Communication Department at the Student’s Union for one year. In this position I was basically doing the same things but just for all the students. Additionally, one task is being responsible for networking and came across IDEALiStiC.

Now, in my new position as Secretary General, I want to develop the council further to gain more out of IDEA League, for the universities and the students.

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