Introduction Program

In August, before the start of the Joint Master’s programme, Delft University of Technology offers a two-week introduction program for non-European students. It allows them to become acquainted with European teaching methods, project work, and European culture. The course helps to ensure the social coherence of the students enrolling in the Joint Master’s programme.

Introduction Program details

The summer course is a preparatory course for all students who come to Delft University of Technology.

The main objective of the course is to give a thorough, but pleasant, preparation for the educational system at Delft University of Technology and an introduction to issues related to technological developments in the Netherlands and Europe. Important elements of the summer course are team work, oral and written communication and interdisciplinary study.

During and shortly after the summer course a number of excursions will be organised. The excursion programme includes visits to some famous Dutch cities, like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and other typically Dutch locations such as the Delta Works: a big civil engineering project to protect the province of “Zeeland” from the sea.

The duration of the summer school is two weeks, starting at the beginning of August. It will start two weeks before the academic year. You will receive more details from the Central International Office of TU Delft. The Master programmes start at the beginning of September.


The major goals of the Introduction Program are:

  • Participants will have developed an understanding of a relevant field of engineering in relation to a practical (Dutch) context.
  • Participants will be able to explain the role of Delft University of Technology within this context.
  • Participants will be able to cooperate and communicate in multicultural, multidisciplinary project teams.
  • Participants will be able to analyse a problem and implement study activities based on this analysis. In addition they will have become acquainted with common methods for problem solving like actor and context analysis.
  • Participants will have an overview of the different engineering programs currently being undertaken at Delft University of Technology, especially the international programs.

In addition, the Introduction Program includes social goals. Participants will get to know each other and the city of Delft.

Please note that living expenses (food, rent, etc.) during the Introduction Program have to be covered by the participants.

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