Mid-Term Review Horizon 2020 (2016)

h2020Mid-Term Review Horizon 2020

Publication date: October 2016

Author: IDEA League

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International cooperation among researchers is indispensable to achieve world-class research, excellent academic education and ground-breaking innovation. IDEA League fully acknowledges the results achieved by the European Commission (EC) to promote internationalisation of research. Without the EU framework programmes, European universities would not have reached the advanced stage of internationalisation currently accomplished.

Horizon 2020 is an ambitious framework aiming especially at innovation. Universities of Technology, Science, Engineering and Design (TUs) welcome this emphasis on innovation and the close connection to the societal challenges formulated by the EU.

Having stated this, IDEA League also has its concerns regarding the current framework programme. This document elaborates on these concerns. In this document, IDEA League first identifies issues that are of specific concern to TUs. Then it describes issues that apply on a more generic level, both these issues can be addressed in the remainder of the Horizon2020 programme. In addition, IDEA League identifies strategic matters for consideration that can be addressed when shaping the future framework programme.

Furthermore, in the light of the Brexit, IDEA League emphasizes that it sees the European Research Area and Frameworks (such as Horizon 2020) as important achievements. Whatever the composition or exact structure of the European Union is or will be in the future, IDEA League endorses the eight founding principles of the Lisbon Treaty which can be paraphrased as “the obligation of the EU to maintain good relations with all its neighbour member states”.

IDEA League thus encourages the EC to maintain these relations with their neighbouring states. This will ensure collaborations in which the aims of ERA and both current and future framework programmes will not be jeopardized, regardless of these countries being in or outside the European Union.

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