Operations Board meets Idealistic

Idealistic and OBDuring the meeting of the Operations Board at Chalmers University last week, the members of the Operations Board met with IDEALiStiC, the IDEA League student council. IDEALiStiC was established in June 2005 and brings the student councils of the individual IDEA League partners together. The council represents students at the IDEA League partner universities, promotes awareness and understanding of the IDEA League among students by starting new initiatives, provides support and advice to the IDEA League in matters of educational policy and student welfare, and attempts to improve policies on educational issues and student representation by exchanging best practices.

In this meeting at Chalmers University the IDEALiStiC presented their vision for the future for universities of technology. Their ideas included online classes and implementing soft skills in the curriculum. To promote IDEA League they came up with the idea of placing a road sign on each IDEA League university campus, which will point in the direction of the other IDEA League universities and include the distances to them.

The Operations Board would like to thank Idealistic for their inspiring report and presentation and we look forward to our future cooperation with IDEALiStiC’s successors in the academic year 2016-2017.

For more information about IDEALiStiC, please visit their website: https://idealistic.eu/


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