Organizing a Doctoral School

The Doctoral School of IDEA League has the goal to combine the search for solutions for global challenges or a hot thematic topic with innovative doctoral training.

The Programmes of the Doctoral School are funded by the IDEA League partners, and require a decision by the Heads at the Joint Board Meeting of the IDEA League. Funds by IDEA League for a Doctoral School programme are an investment, aiming for an innovative training programme for a selected group of IDEA League students, but also for the long-time effect of deepened co-operation between the academic partners of the IDEA League network.


The DS is typically a bottom up initiative. Proposals should be handed in by the SG of IDEA League before September prior to the year the DS is planned to take place. In that way, budget consequences can be incorporated.

In the event that there are several proposals to run Doctoral Schools, the JBM will decide which Schools will be elected. The criteria for selection are: interdisciplinarity; the likelihood that the network amongst PhD candidates and academic staff will be sustained after completion of the DS; focus on transferrable skills.

Typically, the JBM will not honor more than two Doctoral Schools each year.

You can download a document containing more information about organizing a Doctoral School, finances and the application process here.

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