Additional Information

After completing your registration at the Delft University of Technology you will receive acces to Delftulip, an online information and communication platform for international students of the TU Delft. On Delftulip students can find all the necessary information for their further enrolment process and the basic things they need (or may want) to know about living in the Netherlands, in Delft or studying at TU Delft. Furthermore they can do some self study and read practical information to further prepare for their departure to Delft.

The IDEA League Office would kindly ask students to use this platform and the information given to them by the Delft University of Technology International Office to plan for their stay in The Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.

Health Insurance

A single health insurance that is valid in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany is available through Delft University of Technology. The TU Delft International Office will gladly assist you in buying a health insurance plan, please click here to visit their website for more information.
Students with a European Health Insurance Card are automatically insured in all three countries. However, non-European students should always check if their insurance company is accepted by the Health Department of the Canton of Zurich. The Swiss Health Department only accepts foreign insurances if the insurance firm signs the so-called “form A”. To avoid costly transfers to an internationally accepted insurance company, please make sure your health insurance is accepted in Switzerland before you buy a health insurance plan!

Bank Accounts

It is recommendable to open a bank account with a bank that has branches in all three countries (like e.g. Citibank, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank and more). By opening an account with one of these international banks students are be able to do their banking using a single account through the bank’s branches in the three countries.

Please make sure your bank is authorised by the Swiss FINMA, as you will need a bank account at an authorised bank to apply for a Swiss visa! Click here to check if your bank has been authorised (scroll down for the lists of approved banks).

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