Recap: Assessing and Reducing Society’s Environmental Footprint (ETH Zürich Summer School)

The IDEA League summer school on Assessing and Reducing Society’s Environmental Footprint, organized by ETH Zürich, discussed the topics of measuring and assessing the environmental footprint of countries, industries, firms, and people. A mix of ETH Professors and senior researchers, as well invited guest speakers from academia and practice/policy were involved in the summer school.The five-day summer school combined interactive teaching with team work.  On the first day students were assigned to a working group and the results of the student group work were presented on the fifth and final day of the summer school.

The students have had the opportunity for both formal and informal interaction with a group of peers about a topic of common interest. By striking a balance
between these two types of academic exchange, the summer School not only delivered on an academic level content-wise, but also addressed students’ prior expectations regarding networking and the discussion of potential collaborative efforts in the future.


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