1The world at the beginning of the 21st Century faces significant challenges – in order to answer these successfully, engineers and scientists are needed. As no single institution can address these issues alone, it is the goal of the IDEA League to combine the expertise of the partner universities. The IDEA League aims to be a driving force behind innovative and sustainable solutions to European and global problems, by providing useful results in research and development of ground-breaking technologies, based on society’s needs and demands. It will address research-related issues capitalizing on an excellent record in multidisciplinary research, outstanding academic staff and state-of-the-art facilities.

The research collaborations within the IDEA League network are based on existing research ties between academics, thus forming an international team, and can take on various forms:

  • Joint participation in EU projects (for example, the Climate KIC with its nucleus in the IDEA League)
  • Cooperation in answering EU calls
  • Doctoral School Programmes
  • Joint programmes (for example the trilateral Master Programme in Geophysics, but also bilateral programmes)
  • Student exchange for research projects (via the grant scheme for students open to all student levels: bachelor, master and PhD)

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