Sessions and Lecturers

Session 1: Uncertainty and networking (TUDelft, 2 days)


– Uncertainty Management Methods for Engineering Systems (Paulien Herder, TU Delft)


– Engineering Big Data Architectures and interdependent systems  (Marijn Janssen , TU Delft)


Session 2:  Engineering social systems and the big data perspective (Aachen, 2 days)


  • Social Systems and the Big Data Perspective
    • Social Network Design and Analytics (Matthias Jarke, RWTH Aachen)
    • Heterogeneous Data Integration : The Knowledge Pipeline (Stefan Decker, RWTH Aachen)
    • Safety and Reliability in Complex Systems (Stefan Kowalewski)
    • Modelling and Verifying Complex Systems (Joost-Pieter Katoen)



Session 3: Quality and processes in complex systems (PoliMI, 3 days)


  • Quality of data and services
    • Modeling, monitoring, assessment methods, resilient process design (Barbara Pernici, Polimi)
  • Data analysis (Michela Arnaboldi, Piercesare Secchi/Vantini, Polimi)
    • The opportunity of Big data and the change of quality
    • Enquiring modes and impact on data and modeling



  • Resilience engineering of interdependent infrastructure systems: from modeling to governance (Paolo Trucco, Polimi, Giovanni Sansavini, ETH)


  • Complex models for global sustainability. Applications to health, energy and water management (Marino Gatto et al., Polimi)



Session 4: Quality in complex dependable cyber-physical systems (Chalmers, 2 days)


–    Specific quality requirements of cyber-physical systems

  • Dependability, with safety and security, real-time requirements (Ivica Crnkovic, Christain Berger, Chalmers)
  • Specific quality requirements on autonomous systems (Christian Berger, Chalmers)
  • Requirements Engineering and user experience for dependable systems (Alesia Knauss)


–    Achieving quality for complex systems in specific domains

  • Performance tuning in Cloud-computing (Philipp Leitner, University of Zurich, Chalmers)
  • Dynamic software deployment and dynamic system quality verification (Patrizion Pellicione, Chalmers)
  • Quality Management for Internet of things (Romina Spalazzese, Malmö University)

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