The Rectors of our five leading technical universities in Europe are challenging you!

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Do you teach at one of our universities? 

We challenge you as a professor or lecturer to reach out to students all over Europe. Not only spread your knowledge in your own university but in 5 top technical universities across Europe. You as an educator can be part of this unique pilot: the IDEA League digital classrooms.

Invite a colleague from one of our universities to teach in your digital classroom

Do a joint course with a colleague from one of the other universities

Co-design a new course in joint inter-university groups

What’s in it for students

  • Another form of international experience in a multicultural environment
  • Benefiting from the experience of other leading experts
  • Experiencing new teaching methods

What’s in it for you, professors

  • Networking opportunities
  • Teaching skills development
  • Sharing your knowledge beyond your own university’s borders

If you teach at

TU Delft
please send your proposal to

Chalmers University of Technology
please send your proposal to

ETH Zurich
please send your proposal to

RWTH Aachen
please send your proposal to

Politecnico di Milano
please send your proposal to and

We look forward to hearing from you!
If you have any questions concerning your proposal, please feel free to contact our Operations Board members as mentioned above.

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