Our Emerging Technologies programme

“I really should know more about the latest insights in Emerging Technologies"

IDEA League’s Executive Programme in Emerging Technologies

Gain exclusive insight into future innovation and enhance your skills.


  • Over 25 online elective courses (available-MOOCs- Executive-Programme)
  • Onsite capstone project in Milan and Zürich or Delft and Aachen
  • 5 hours per week (depending on courses selected)
  • 20-week track (depending on courses selected)
  • English language
  • No prior technical education or training required

Gaining practical understanding of sustainable change and emerging technologies will allow you to stay ahead of the curve and shape future innovation. Our unique Executive Programme in Emerging Technologies will help you successfully navigate Industry 4.0. 

This comprehensive executive programme is curated by IDEA League, an alliance of renowned universities of science and technology in Europe. It combines over 25 online elective courses, complemented by a special onsite capstone project to provide you with an efficient toolkit to actually tackle future challenges sustainably

The twenty-week executive track focuses on future tech ranging from AI and robotics to smart mobility, investigating how topics like this affect your business. 

Available MOOCs in this programme are, amongst others:

  • AI in practice: preparing for AI
  • The quantum internet and quantum computers: how will they change the world?
  • Hello (Real) World with ROS – Robot Operating System

See the full list of available MOOCs here:  available-MOOCs- Executive-Programme

What you will learn

  • Utilise the mechanics behind Industry 4.0
  • Gain insights into selected technologies outside your field
  • Discover artificial intelligence, robotics and big data
  • Dive into the fascinating world of quantum computing and the internet
  • Learn to utilise emerging technologies in your business

How it works

Upon completing the introductory course, you may select three of the over 25 unique courses, each covering important themes of emerging technologies. They are offered to you by some of the best technical universities in Europe: TU Delft, Politecnico di Milano, ETH Zürich, RWTH Aachen and Chalmers University. The paid verified track will be completed with an onsite capstone project in Zürich and Milan or Delft and Aachen.  The capstone project is built to fully integrate the knowledge you have acquired in practical skills. Demonstrate your new expertise in a special case study.

This executive programme is suitable for engineers but does not require prior technical education or training. Our introductory course and elective specialisations have been designed to be accessible and inclusive. The verified track is relevant for professionals who are looking to lead and support their team’s transition to a technology-based sustainable future. 

Costs and General Information

Course certificates are available in the paid verified track and a programme certificate is available upon completion of the capstone project. The cost of the whole programme is €5,000. The Executive Programme in Sustainability is designed to be accessible to everyone with a level 6 EQF, equivalent to an undergraduate level of studies. The track does not require prior technical education or training. 

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IDEA League is a strategic alliance between five leading European universities of science and technology. Through cross-border, bottom-up collaboration, we provide the environment for students, researchers and staff at our partner universities to share a collective wealth of knowledge, experience and resources. By doing so, we aim to connect and inspire a new generation of European science and technology graduates, champion innovation and entrepreneurship and steer Europe towards a more competitive and compassionate future.

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