Better Living for All in a New Normal

The theme of this year’s ASPIRE Forum (including the Student Workshop) is Better Living for All in a New Normal. Participants will discuss utilisation of technologies for the realization of an inclusive sustainable society that offers better living for all in a New Normal.

24 – 30 June 2021

Keywords: Human Centered Design, Wireless Communication and Basic Genome Biology


Due to the world-wide restrictions concerning Covid-19 and in order to protect our participants and lecturers, IDEA League is offering the Summer Schools in an online format.


There are no participation fees.


Curriculum vitae & publication list

Letter of motivation

Letter of recommendation (optional)

The Student Workshop will include as speakers researchers from the fields of Human Centered Design, Wireless Communication and Basic Genome Biology. In addition, speakers from each of the ASPIRE League member universities will share research related to the Forum’s theme at the ASPIRE Symposium. The Student Workshop will be conducted using Zoom, Discord and Miro. As in previous years, participants will work closely together in groups of six. Each group will comprise counterparts from each of the five ASPIRE League member universities and one IDEA League student. On the final day of the ASPIRE Forum, each group will make a presentation to the vice presidents and senior staff of the ASPIRE League. Please refer to the tentative ASPIRE Student Workshop schedule for further information.

Topics under the theme may encompass the following areas:

  • Human behavior sensing
  • Injury prevention engineering
  • Active assisted living
  • Beyond 5G
  • Automated driving
  • Genomic engineering
  • Synthetic biology

This is an ASPIRE League Summer School that is organised by Tokyo Tech