Doctoral Schools

Doctoral Schools

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Doctoral Schools

IDEA League’s Doctoral Schools are unique programmes jointly designed and conducted by our partner universities.

Multiple complementary modules are given (each at a different partner university) during the same academic year, attended by a combined inter-university group of second- or third-year PhD candidates. The Doctoral School programmes combine the search for solutions to global challenges with innovative doctoral training. They offer a unique opportunity for outstanding PhD students to enrich their research and build networks with other researchers at partner universities.

Most recent Doctoral Schools

Doctoral School 2020

Ethics of Science and Technology

The IDEA League introduces a brand new Doctoral School on ‘Ethics of Science and Technology’, which will be taking place in 2020. Scientific knowledge and technology does not only shape the way we live and act in the world, but also depends on specific visions about what the world should look like and how humans should relate to one another. As a PhD candidate this specific Doctoral School will help you to become more critically aware of ethical aspects of science and technology in your specific field of research. Decisions to tackle a scientific problem or to develop, design, manage, control, produce, and finally deploy a technology incorporate profound ethical assumptions and possess deep ethical implications.

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Doctoral School 2018-2019

Advanced Atomic Scale Characterisation

Knowledge on the atomic scale structure, processes and properties of advanced materials are a prerequisite for improving their properties and their behaviour in technological applications in a broad range of disciplines. Atomic scale characterisation makes it possible to shorten development cycles, improve the lifetime and enable new technological innovations. Furthermore, knowledge on structural behaviour and atomic scale mechanisms provides important input for modelling and simulation, in particular in the framework of the recent concepts on ‘integrated computational materials engineering’ (ICME).

The corresponding institutes and laboratories at the five IDEA League Universities belong to the internationally leading institutions in this field. Their activities are highly inter- and cross-disciplinary and address a broad range of materials classes and cutting-edge characterisation facilities. The aim of the School was to nucleate a sustainable network for exchange of human resources and competencies between the individual locations.

Doctoral School 2017-2018

Engineering Complex Systems and IT with Big data and Information Technology

The ECS-BIT’18 Idea League Doctoral School Interested in focused on the role of big data analysis and emergent IT technologies in complex systems engineering in large-scale, interconnected, highly complex and dynamic socio-technical systems? The ECS-BIT’18 Idea League Doctoral School, with sessions in Delft, Aachen, Milan, and Göteborg, will offer offered the students a broad perspective on how these topics are studied in different disciplines.

The aim of the Doctoral School on Engineering Complex Systems with Big data and Information Technology (ECS-BIT’18) is was to deepen the understanding of Engineering Complex Systems as a discipline combining interdisciplinary knowledge to address the great challenges posed by large-scale, interconnected, and therefore highly complex and dynamic, socio-technical systems, investigating the role of big data analysis and emergent IT technologies in complex systems engineering.

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