Ethics of Science and Technology

Scientific knowledge and technology do not only shape the way its users live and act in the world, but also depend on specific visions about how they should live in it, about how the world should look like, and about how humans should relate to one another. This doctoral school is focused on developing critical awareness about the values that are embedded in science and technology throughout the lifecycle from design to development, and management, control, production, adoption and use.

  • Module 1: 03/03/2021 through 07/03/2021
  • Module 2: 28/04/2021 through 02/05/2021
  • Module 3: 23/06/2021 through 27/06/2021

Keywords: Ethics, Responsibility, Values, Governance


The school is composed of three modules taking place at RWTH Aachen, TU Delft and Politecnico di Milano (Lecco Campus)


Normally, there are no registration, tuition, and accommodation fees. Typically, students from IDEA League member universities selected to participate in this summer school only have to pay for their own travel costs.

The school is organized around 3 main themes: responsibility, values and governance. Each theme is the focus of one of the 3 long weekends of which the school is composed. These themes are articulated under different disciplinary and methodological perspectives.

After having completed this doctoral school, you will:

  • be acquainted with established ethical norms and concepts
  • be able to identify ethical issues in their domain of research
  • develop the ability to argue about ethical issues in science and technology drawing on specialized literature and ethical frameworks
  • learn about challenges, opportunities and criticalities of addressing
  • ethical issues through design.

Find more detailed information about the content in the brochure linked here.


Module Details
Module 1: Responsibility 03/03/2021 through 07/03/2021

Location: RWTH Aachen

Coordinators: Saskia Nagel (RWTH Aachen), Behnam Taebi (TU Delft)

Module 2: Values 28/04/2021 through 02/05/2021

Location: TU Delft

Coordinators: Behnam Taebi and Janna van Grunsven (TU Delft), Viola Schiaffonati (Politecnico di Milano)

Module 3: Governance 23/06/2021 through 27/06/2021

Location: Politecnico di Milano (Lecco campus)

Coordinators: Viola Schiaffonati (Politecnico di Milano), Alessandro Blasimme (ETH Zurich)