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Scalable Quantum Computing – From First Principles to Market

11-15 September 2023

Discover the Quantum Future: Join the IDEA League Summer School on Scalable Quantum Computing hosted at RWTH Aachen University this September

Quantum computing is a rapidly-developing technology that uses the laws of quantum mechanics to solve complex problems faster than any classical computer. The Scalable Quantum Computing Summer School at RWTH Aachen University is aimed at Masters and PhD students in physics who want to gain an overview of quantum computing platforms believed to have the potential for practical applications. The topics covered range from fundamental principles to technological implementations and touch on real-world market considerations.

Image courtesy of F. Gandiya

Keywords: Quantum Computing, Applications, Physics, Real-World Applications

RWTH University Campus, Aachen, Germany
Application is open to Master and PhD Students of the member universities from the IDEA League Alliance.
There are no registration and accommodation fees. Students from IDEA League member universities selected to participate in a summer school only have to pay for their own travel costs where applicable.

Curriculum vitae & publications list

Letter of motivation

Letter of recommendation (optional)

Supervisor approval (for PhD students from Chalmers)

During the summer school, participants will explore:Quantum computing fundamentals, such as qubits, entanglement, quantum gates, and algorithms.

  • Overview of leading hardware platforms including superconducting and semiconductor qubits, trapped ions, neutral atoms and phontonic quantum computing.
  • Applications, error correction, requirements and scalability.
  • Companies and startups and their role in the quantum computing community.

The summer school is aimed at Master and PhD students with a strong background in physics. A keen interest in quantum computing and its real-world applications is essential. By attending this summer school, you will not only expand your quantum computing knowledge but also grow your network by connecting with peers and experts in the academic and industrial field.

The list of speakers includes:

  • David DiVincenzo (RWTH Aachen/FZ Jülich)
  • Hendrik Bluhm (RWTH Aachen/FZ Jülich/ARQUE Systems)
  • Rami Barends (FZ Jülich)
  • Menno Veldhorst (TU Delft)
  • Giulia Ferrini (Chalmers)
  • Vincent Mourik (FZ Jülich)
  • Jonathan Home (ETH Zurich)
  • Sebastian Hofferberth (University Bonn)
  • Andreas Wallraff (ETH Zurich)
  • Frank Deppe (IQM)
  • Shai Machnes (Qruise)
  • Torsten Last (Orange Quantum Systems)
… and many more.
The ON-CAMPUS Summer School will take place on the RWTH Campus – an area in the historic town of Aachen which hosts one of the largest technology-oriented research landscapes in Europe and which is also the home to the Institute for Quantum Information and the quantum start-up ARQUE Systems.