Sustainable Development Goals Olympiad

22 July -26 July 2024

This summer school involves participants in a global challenge-based competition to develop innovative solutions that contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Image Credits: Marco introini

Keywords: SDGs, Olympiad, UN


Politecnico di Milano, Italy


Application is open to Master and PhD Students of the member universities from the IDEA League Alliance.


There are no registration and accommodation fees. Students from IDEA League member universities selected to participate in a summer school only have to pay for their own travel costs where applicable.


Curriculum vitae & publication list

Letter of motivation

Letter of recommendation (optional)

Supervisor approval (only for PhD students from Chalmers)

Embark on an innovation journey with the SDG Olympiad IDEA League Summer School at Politecnico di Milano. Join a global competition to address real-world challenges aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and seize the opportunity to emerge as a social innovator.

This summer school is a qualification stage for the SDG Olympiad, running concurrently across America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Winning teams from each region will convene in Paris on September 26, after the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympic Games, to attend the SDG Olympiad Award Ceremony at the Learning Planet Institute. The qualified teams will showcase their solutions to international partners such as the World Health Organization, the International Olympic Committee, and the United Nations. The most promising project will receive support for further development.

To learn more about the SDG Olympiad initiative, visit the website SDG Olympiad. It will be constantly updated.

Each SDG event will focus on specific topics. The SDG Olympiad IDEA League Summer School at Politecnico di Milano invites applicants from diverse disciplines to explore the synergy among sports, technological innovations, and environmental and social sustainability.

Participants will engage in team-based activities and receive training to develop, prototype, and pitch ideas as potential solutions. While expertise and interests in areas like open-source tools, data monitoring and processing, sports technologies and materials, product design, artificial intelligence, circular economy, business strategies, and human-centered design are valued, all Master’s and Ph.D. students passionate about sports and technology are encouraged to apply.

Mentors and experts will guide participants through the summer school, possibly supplemented by online training sessions in July, before the summer school officially starts, to prepare for the on-campus experience. Besides, the winning team will be further supported in developing their idea to prepare for the Paris event in September 2024. Keynote speakers from various disciplines will be invited to provide suggestions and reflection points to participants. Examples of topics that the keynote speeches will cover include, but are not limited to, environmental and social sustainability, open science and data, technology-based innovation, entrepreneurship, and technologies for sports. The summer school agenda is evolving. Further details will be published as soon as they are available.

Unleash your potential, challenge the status quo, and be part of the next generation of social innovators!