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The IDEA league combines the strength of five of Europe’s leading technical universities to provide unique opportunities to connect, collaborate, contribute, and inspire technological innovation to tackle global challenges. The five universities have agreed on a fellowship program to strengthen scientific exchange, long term collaboration, and the use of specific research infrastructure. Each IDEA-League university conducts the fellowship calls autonomously and sets its own priorities.

The  IDEA League Fellowship Programme has the following objectives:

  • To contribute to strengthening the collaboration between partner universities through starting or further developing research and collaboration efforts
  • To contribute to knowledge exchange and capacity building within the partner universities through sharing research infrastructures
  • To facilitate innovative inter-disciplinary cooperation and communication to tackle societal challenges

The fellowship may be used to start or further develop a project (proposal), research or manuscript, in collaboration with fellow scientists of the partner institutes. IDEA League fellows are encouraged to build synergies with(in) the institutes, their departments and the universities at large.

General Conditions of this call

This Call is open to all Politecnico di Milano’s professors and researchers who obtained their PhD degree (or equivalent qualification) no earlier than 2017. In the case of fixed-term researchers, the duration of their contract with the Politecnico di Milano must cover the entire proposed visiting period. The limiting date for obtaining the PhD degree must be brought forward by 18 months for each pregnancy for which of maternity leaves were used during the 7 years prior to this Call.

  • The funding is EUR 5,000 per month, for visiting periods that meet the following requirements:
  • The overall duration of the visiting periods must be between 3 and 6 months;
  • Visiting periods must take place between 1 September 2024 and 31 August 2025;
  • Visiting periods can be split into multiple shorter periods of minimum 1 month, to be spent at IDEA League partner universities;
  • Researchers applying for a visiting period of less than 6 months may participate in future editions of this Call up to a maximum of 6 months of supported visiting activity.


The total amount the Politecnico can allocate for the grants that are the object of this Call is EUR 150,000.

For more information visit this page.


Applicants must define a research project and involve in it the most suitable partner, possibly linking the project to contacts and collaborations involving the use of research laboratories and infrastructures and/or other young IDEA League researchers who can benefit from similar funding at their universities.

The application for participation in the selection must be sent exclusively by filling in the form, a facsimile of which is annexed to this Call for Applications (Annex 1), together with a template of the project description (Annex 2).

In submitting the application, the applicant must provide the following information for evaluation:

  • curriculum vitae and list of publications;
  • research project (brief description), with particular reference to the added value provided by the proposed collaboration. Applicants subject to reporting constraints must specify the compatibility of the research topics proposed for their visiting period and the funding project;
  • description of visiting periods
  • motivation letter
  • letter or e-mail of acceptance/invitation from the host professor of the IDEA League partner, with explicit reference to the shared research project/interest.

The personal data requested will be processed in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679
The applicant, before completing the application, must confirm that he/she has read the policy relating to the processing of personal data for administrative processes which can be found on the Politecnico’s website: www.polimi.it/privacy.
The applicant is also required to consent to the processing of his/her data aimed at checking whether he/she can apply for this Call and aimed at the Selection Board to carry out the selection process.

The Selection Board responsible for evaluating applications shall be appointed by Rectoral Decree. The Selection Board shall draw up a merit ranking based on the evaluation criteria defined jointly with colleagues from the IDEA League partner universities. The Selection Board shall allocate research funds up to the possible exhaustion of the total available budget. The following elements of merit will be considered in the selection:

  • Priority will be given to applications whose research projects and visiting plans involve at least three IDEA League partner universities (Politecnico di Milano and at least two hosting institutions)
  • Collaboration with researchers from the hosting universities, requesting equivalent funding from their universities to visit the Politecnico di Milano;
  • Use, for the research project, of laboratories or research facilities located at the hosting universities;
  • Interdisciplinarity of the proposed research project.

In the case of equal merit, the Selection Board shall prefer the best gender distribution, the greatest thematic distribution of the funded research projects, and finally, applicants who have obtained their PhD degree most recently. The Selection Board also reserves the right not to allocate all available funds.


All applications must be completed and sent, under penalty of inadmissibility, by noon (Italian time) of Tuesday, 25 June 2024.

Selected applicants will be notified as of Tuesday 9 July 2024, and will be asked to formally accept the grant. The assigned research grant can be used to cover the following expenses: missions to IDEA League partner institutions; purchase of materials relevant to the proposed joint research; expenses to support the publications resulting from the supported joint research.


Download the Politecnico di Milano Call for the IDEA League Fellowship Programme here

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