Partnerships with African Universities and Institutions

Building strong partnerships with African institutions


The IDEA League Expert Working Group “Partnerships with African Universities and Institutions” aims to strengthen and expand IDEA League’s collaborations with African universities and research institutes as well as to promote the common engagement to address global challenges as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals. As IDEA League universities, we pursue the goal of jointly developing and implementing new collaborative projects with African partners.

WEFE Nexus Autumn School

The WEFE Nexus School brings together students and faculty of European and African universities for a unique learning experience. It offers students the possibility to gain a comprehensive understanding of the interconnections between water, energy, food and the environment and to develop new ideas for sustainable solutions. In addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge, a focus is placed on practical solutions and case studies that enable participants to apply their knowledge and foster interdisciplinary collaboration between people from different backgrounds.


Where IDEA League Universities Collaborate with African Universities

Number of IDEA League collaborations per country

Selection of Collaborative Projects

Each of the five European IDEA League universities collaborate individually with universities and research institutes on the African continent. We aim to use synergies between our universities and to develop and implement new projects together with African partners.


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