IDEA League Working Group on Sustainable Campuses

Collaborating on Sustainability and Climate Action on our campuses


Universities can show the way forward by practising what they teach and preach. Society needs to become carbon neutral, circular, climate adaptative and nature inclusive, and soon. Universities can implement these sustainability goals on their campuses and in their operations. They should be the example for other organisations and cities to follow. But how do we make this possible?

The IDEA League Expert Working Group “Sustainable Campuses” aims to strengthen the IDEA League’s collaborations and best practice sharing in order to achieve more sustainable campuses.

Photo: Heike Lachmann

Conference in Aachen, September 2022

In Aachen, on the 7th and 8th of September 2022, we organised a conference specifically focussed on climate action and sustainable transition of universities and campuses. We invited university board managers, directors of supporting divisions, sustainability coordinators, academic staff working on sustainability and green student organisations from all over Europe to participate.

With memorable keynote speeches by Greg Keeffe and Gerdien de Vries, as well as a fired-up discussion between engaged students and four of our rectors. The IDEA League universities all see climate change/action and sustainability as very urgent and presented their efforts and experiences with action on the campus in a report, which is available to all.

Download the report here: Sustainability and Climate Action on IDEA League Campuses Report.

Why start an IDEA League Working Group?

Each of the five European IDEA League universities work individually on making their campuses more sustainable. We aim to use synergies between our universities and to learn from each other’s best practices to make a greater impact.

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