Science, Technology, Society and Wikipedia

Wikipedia is now the primary source of scientific and technical information for the general public. The School aims to introduce the participants to its rules and, above all, to involve them in the production of new material for it.

19 – 23 July 2021

Keywords: Wikipedia, technical writing, open knowledge.


Due to the world-wide restrictions concerning Covid-19 and in order to protect our participants and lecturers, IDEA League is offering the Summer Schools in an online format.


Normally, there are no registration, tuition, and accommodation fees. This Summer School is held digitally; there are no travel expenses.


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Since its birth in 2001, Wikipedia has grown enormously in size and importance, so that today it is probably the first and foremost source of information on scientific and technological issues (but also on literature, arts, history, etc.) for the general public.

This interdisciplinary course will introduce the students to the history, the workings and general rules of Wikipedia and, most of all, involve them in the production of new material for it. The students will choose what to contribute, depending both on their own background and on Wikipedia’s needs.

The programme aims to:

  • Teach about editing of Wikipedia articles
  • Contribute to the diffusion of open knowledge
  • Teach about copyright and open-access rules 

This course will be supervised by professors of Politecnico di Milano and taught in collaboration with experienced Wikipedia editors


Day(s) Description
19 – 20 July 3 hours of front lectures, followed by 3 hours devoted to experimenting with a “sandbox” and to the choice of topic(s).
20 – 21 July Supervised editing sessions (6 hours each).
23 July Final editing session, discussion and evaluation (6 hours).